Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fresh - Illustration Friday

Nola's body cream
This weeks word 'Fresh' made me think of Hawaii. Sun, fun, laughter, Hula dancing and fresh tropical air! And from that I got onto a cool, fresh, exotic smelling body lotion. :-)
You sure can tell that I am in dream land as the Autumn is blown into London.


Ellen said...

Went to a Luau last Friday!! Lovely illo!

art-non-deco said...

that is cute!
She looks so worried!!

thanks for the comment on 'blossom' as well!Yes, it IS blurred.

Queen Tut said...

hmm, I was aiming for that sexy look, but she does look a bit worried. LOL

big_girlfeet said...

cute & nice colours!
and re: your post on my blog- yes for sure!!

GoldenOwl said...

GREAT NAME.....LOL heh Queen Tut Indeed!

Monkey Freak said...

Cool drawing.
Good Job!