Saturday, October 22, 2005

I have been tagged

The idea behind tagging is to list 20 randon things/facts/thoughts abouy yourself on your blog and then tag someone else. Thanks to Lockjaw for tagging me.

1. I think my partner is the funniest girl around
2. I dream of illustrating for Cartoon Network
3. I meditate in a Buddhist temple. Its quite amazing
4. I love walking in the rain, today I skipped along the wet street with my new red umbrella
5. Full moons are magic!
6. My pussy cat is the greatest and most gracious creature I know
7. Some day my partner and I will move back to South Africa, I feel the need to live by the sea and to be with my people
8. I have been banned from washing dishes! Ha ha, I wish

9. Sunday is my favourite day
10. Dinner parties with controversial friends are The Business
11. I am a vegetarian and have been for 15 years
12. I am crazy about all things Japanese, tried some cooking, got a language book but didn’t get very far with it, LOVE Manga art, haven't listened to any Jpop though- any recommendations?
13. I recently did my first illo commission, it was of an otter. No pay though.

14. I love drinking champagne
15. We have a hedgehog living in our garden and we feed it cat food
16. I am learning a little Hindi as we are going to India soon
17. I am crazy about cake, but wont just eat anything it has to be real good!
18. Swimming in the sea is D-vine
19. I like silly comedy like 'Slap the Pony'
20. The most beautiful place I have been to is Iguazu falls, Argentina

New tag victims:
Kenn Bivins & Leo


Melissa said...

Vegetarians rock!

Anonymous said...

Your skilled cat is from the Cat Slave Intelligence Service!

Lockjaw said...

Some Great comments there, you evidently have a zest for life :)

Lead and Light said...

I live in Durban! If you ever need any updates on SA or anything, let me know :)

- Shirley