Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Come with me to a Tate modern life drawing class

Join me at the Tate modern in a life drawing class. This event sounds like an incredible opportunity to attend a surrealism workshop with attending tutors. I am going on the 10 July, tickets cost £15 and the session is from 6.30pm - 9pm. Its running till the 17 July.

I read an article in the FT magazine and they described the session as such. ' The workshop is held in the gallery's "Poetry and Dream" rooms. With three separate spaces offering three contrasting poses, and you are free to move between them. One model holds a Dali lobster telephone to his ear. Price and Noble-Partridge have planned the classes masterfully, so that the poses are varied, teaching is unintrusive - but there if you want it - and all artistic standards are welcome.
It sure has me excited!!! It would be great to meet my fellow IF illustrators there, hope you can make it 10 July.
Call Tate Modern 020 7887 8000


St John Street said...

thanks 4 the info and the comment good luck with the classes

String said...

Yes thanks for posting this, I will tell one of my collegues too, she thought it would be a cool idea. Unfortunately one of our other collegues dad has died so we are down one person at work, so not sure about this Mon.