Saturday, April 05, 2008

WOW beaded animals

Some of these beaded animals, bought on the street in towns around South Africa, bring my garden to life. Giving life is their thing- making and selling them provides a livelihood for many entrepreneurial and creative South Africans, who would otherwise be destitute. Others make animals with old plastic bags and odds and ends that would otherwise clog our drains and suffocate wildlife.
"The first person to make a recycled plastic bag animal is known as Isaac. He was born in the Eastern Cape. Read more


imwithsully said...

Wow, these are really awesome. I have been trying to make a simple beaded bead. But, I can't imagine trying to make something like this.

Wow Imports said...


Thank you showing our exclusive beaded animals. While your blog doesn't mention it (even though you do link to us) these 2 beaded animals shown are from our exclusive collection of African Fair Trade beaded animal figurines and our only available from us. Our top beaders are among the very best in Africa and the mandrill and lion shown were designed as part of a team effort between us and our crafters. While beaded animals are sold in the craft markets and streets in South Africa you'll fiund that most are amateur quality while Wow Imports offers museum quality pieces!

Wow Imports said...

I forgot to mention, that our collection of African fair trade beaded animals can be found at