Thursday, January 26, 2006

Music discovery

Now here is a find!! PANDORA ia a website thay you have to visit.

Its next generation music technology, its a free and plays tracks through your browser.

The way it works is that Pandora asks you for a song or artist that you like and then throws up tunes from that artist or trys to match it. I believe you are allowed up to 100 playlists. Its fun stuff and I was tapping my fingers to Hall and Oates, oh my, I have regressed to the 80's!

(tip on the nav, once you have the songs going, use the stop and play buttons on the top right to move onto the next song.) Enjoy!

There is only one hick up - I couldn't save my songs as I am not a resident in the USA.

Pandora says "At this time we are only licensed to offer Pandora music services to residents of the United States. Audio streaming regulations differ from country to country, and we are working on acquiring the proper licenses so we can legally offer Pandora outside of the United States. We require your zip code to confirm that you are a resident of the United States."

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Bearuh said...

YAY for miss piggy!!